A Radical New Year’s Resolution

NewYearResolutions banner2014 is here. The lists have started with various resolutions with the goal of somehow making us better. Improve at this or finish that project or live up to whatever standard we failed at in 2013.

Christians will likely go further and put a spiritual dress on it to be a better Christian than they were in 2013. More bible reading, more prayer, stronger church commitment, change that habit, less sin, more love, better relationships. Be better, do more, try harder. Strive to be a good Christian. Whew!

I don’t know about you, but it sounds exhausting. One of the reasons I’ve ceased with New Year’s resolutions is because no matter how motivated or sincere I may be at the beginning of the year, inevitably I fall off the wagon. Then the cycle repeats itself at the start of each year. It can get discouraging.

Now I’m not saying we should not have goals, not improve or tend to growth areas in our lives. I’m certainly not saying that we should be negligent or slothful about our Christian walk. But what I am saying is that I think the focus is wrong when we think that the way to improve our Christianity is create a list and turn into New Year’s resolutions to be better Christians. Continue reading