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The one thing I wish we’d stop doing with singleness

I keep saying I’m going to stop writing about about singleness and truthfully, this probably will be my last article on the topic. Because after I get to the point of this very short post, I don’t think there is … Continue reading

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This is a man’s world: why don’t women just get it together?

This post is not to debate complementarian vs. egalitarian. I have maintained that there are godly men and women who take the authority of Scripture serious and arrive at different conclusions. I also believe that positions on male leadership are really … Continue reading

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The Question that Doesn’t Really Matter in Singleness

I’ve noticed an emerging question that has arisen in relation to how Christian singles should expect God to move in providing a spouse.  The question at the center of it is this – is one person who is uniquely designed … Continue reading

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What’s A Single Mom to Do?: The Church, Singles and the Fatherless

I confess upfront that this is going to be a somewhat personal post because this is topic near and dear to my heart and one in which I have experienced great heartache. But hopefully leveraging my own angst might generate … Continue reading

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Relationships: Risks, Preferences and the Unknown

I really appreciated this piece from Trip Lee, Why I Married a White Girl. Though the post is describing how ethnic preferences can thwart accepting a good situation, I thought there were some salient applications for preferences in general. This … Continue reading

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