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The unintended prosperity gospel: why tangibility matters

If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know that I abhor the prosperity gospel. As I wrote about here, the prosperity gospel has a deceptive nature in that it is not really about getting rich. Because of … Continue reading

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Why church matters matter . . . Revelation and deception

I’ve been working on a post on Rev. 13:16-18 and in doing some commentary diving, was struck by Greg Beale’s commentary on Rev. 13:11.  The passage of Rev. 13:11-14 sets the backdrop of my next post and Beale’s poignant assessment … Continue reading

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Does 1 Thess 5:1-11 indicate a seven year tribulation?

I’m continually mindful that we often read presuppositions into the biblical text especially when convinced of a particular position. I think it’s just natural to do that. My shifting views on eschatology that is causing me to re-examine portions of … Continue reading

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Some more thoughts on Revelation, the church and the bigger picture

I remember that day back in Spring of 2006 almost like it was yesterday. I was pacing in bedroom while reading Romans 4 and then that moment came. I stopped dead in my tracks reading 4:17, “He is our father … Continue reading

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Reading Revelation with fresh eyes: why I’m excited about my latest book arrival

I just received this commentary in the mail having ordered it about a week ago. I normally wouldn’t write a post about how excited I am about my latest book purchase. But this one is a bit special because it … Continue reading

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