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The presupposition dance: our tango with Scripture and systems

I got into a couple of interesting threads the other day on Facebook that got me thinking about this post I did a few years ago, The Myth of Non-theology and Neutrality. One of the discussions involved limited atonement. I … Continue reading

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The ‘All Things’ You can do through Christ

Paul wrote to the Philippians I rejoiced in the Lord greatly  that now at length you have revived your concern for me . You were indeed concerned for me, but you had no opportunity. Not that I am speaking of … Continue reading

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Eight Bible Interpretations That Make Me Scream

As a follow up to this post on caricatures that drive me nuts, I thought I should highlight interpretations of passages that have that same effect.  Now these are not about differing opinions that can have some validity. Rather, its … Continue reading

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A Closer Look: A Violent Shakedown (Matt. 11:12)

I have written in this series in a while. But there’s nothing like that one verse that keeps popping up with an interpretation that I don’t believe is faithful to the context that spurs a revival of sorts. It’s the … Continue reading

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Healing and the Resurrection

I don’t really have time to blog these days so forgive the brevity and superficial nature of what could be a more indepth conversation. But I came across what I consider to be an important connection in the relationship between … Continue reading

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