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Why you won’t see me endorsing these people…

I spent 6 years at DTS to get my ThM (Masters of Theology). In those 6 years I heard numerous chapel messages since chapel was a requirement (6 years is a long time!). Truth be told, in my maturing years, … Continue reading

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Should we call the prosperity gospel something else?: a subtle deception

The Gospel Coalition posted the first article in a series on the prosperity gospel. As I read through, 5 Errors of the Prosperity Gospel, and I’ll get to these points in a minute, I couldn’t help but think that calling … Continue reading

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Does Calling-Out Apologetics Really Work?

Well I don’t know if that is an actual apologetic category, but as I’ve watched internet discussions ignite over John MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference and its polemics against Charismatics, I’ve been reflecting more broadly on this approach of using a … Continue reading

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Why Do They Stay?: Slavery to Doctrinal Abuse

I drafted this post shortly after the brouhaha over shai linne’s Fal$e Teacher$ had come out a processed in a number of posts, including mine. But then, I never got around to posting it. Though the dust over his song … Continue reading

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Seedtime and Horror: The Prosperity Philosophy Built on Genesis 8:22

Genesis 8:22 has served as a foundational verse for prosperity teaching with the philosophy of seedtime and harvest. As long as earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, will never cease The idea … Continue reading

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