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If God so loved the world, why do we hate it?

The following is a slightly edited version of a blog post I did in 2011 on the Credo House blog. In my earlier Christian years, I was taught to hate the world and to avoid participation in it, especially as … Continue reading

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A good way to undermine Christ’s mission

I want to leverage the sermon from church this past Sunday to point out some observations I’ve made over the course of my Christian life and a quote from a book that I greatly appreciate. The sermon, titled Remember Christ’s Mission came … Continue reading

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On fear, Islam and a better way

I confess I’ve not studied a lot on Islam. But these days am investing more time to understand for reasons I’ll get to in the post. Islam seems to be gaining more of a presence, not just globally, but locally … Continue reading

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The Great Commission, Great Commandment, and our Humanity

After hearing a sermon on the Great Commission this past Sunday, it reminded me of these quotes from two books I’m reading and reinforced that being a witness does not require us to be super Christians, with big capes like … Continue reading

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Redemption and the Ultimate Reality

I’ve been reading through The Reason for God by Tim Keller as a requirement for my evangelism class. But I must say, I love this book and the reasonable and winsome way the Keller addresses Christianity and the counter-claims to … Continue reading

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