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Do we still need miracles today to believe?

When it comes to the division between continuationism and cessationism (whether certain gifts still exist today), one of the common mischaracterizations that I have observed continuationists make against cessationists is that cessationists believe that miracles are no longer needed.  While … Continue reading

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Cessationism, Charismania and Criticism

My heart was a bit heavy as I witnessed the blogosphere light up today over John MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference and the broad brush stroke polemics against Charismatics. I appreciated Michael Patton’s thoughts on the subject. Now to be clear, … Continue reading

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What is a Cessationist?…or Why I think We Need Another Term

When you think of the word ‘cessationist’ what comes to mind? Typically, I’ve seen these characterizations; Opposite of a continuationism One who no longer agrees the gifts of the Spirit are in operation No miracles Prophets and apostles no longer … Continue reading

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