TheoThoughts 2013 Top 5 Posts

Typing-on-computer2Well, this is kind of cool. It’s the first full year of my blog. I was a bit surprised to learn that I wrote 87 posts in 2013. That’s an average of 7.25 a month! Yikes, that’s a lot and doesn’t even include contributions to Parchment and Pen and Reformed African-American Network.  So why not follow the trend and list the top views. A couple of them are from 2012 but since they didn’t get a full year, why not throw them in;

1. The Strange Fire brouhaha generated so much internet attention, that no surprise my 2 cents, Cessationism, Charismania and Criticism, had the most hits in 2013, primarily because Michael Patton (Parchment and Pen) pointed it out.

2. Because I wish the church in general would recognize that young, never-been-married singles are not the only singles in the church, Church and the Other Single .

3. I rather liked Wendy Alsup’s modified complementarianism and thought it was honest to Scripture so I highlighted her points in My Kind of Complementarianism.

4. If you treat the Old Testament God different than the New Testament, have integrity like Marcion and cut all references out from the NT in Integrity Doesn’t Stay in the Closet.

5. For those who read the Bible to squeeze out the blessings, How to be Blessed by the Lord draws on this attraction and kind of corrects it.

I was actually surprised that Church and the Other Single was not the most popular since it was the one with the highest shares. It was definitely one of my personal favorites and apparently struck a nerve with many others.  Here are some other personal favorites even though they didn’t generate as many hits, in no particular order:

Walking the Tightrope of Sovereignty and Hope

Deliver Us From Deliverance: Magic Wands and Maturity

The Smallness of Doing Big Things for God

5 Signs We Might Take Ourselves too Serious

Well let’s see what pops up in 2014

Happy New Year!

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