A Closer Look: Introduction

I’m kind of geeked about this new blog category. I’ve been wanting to do something this for awhile but couldn’t really make it work on Parchment and Pen.

What is A Closer Look?  Occasionally, I’ll want to examine select passages of scripture or terms that have adopted contemporary interpretations but ones that I think are a bit removed from the the author’s intent when he wrote it. I think it’s easy for a concept or interpretation to snowball into something big and acceptable. The more popularized something becomes the more it becomes accepted without reconciliation to authorial intent of the text. Reconciling it with authorial intent means examining it in it’s proper setting according to the theme of the book it’s placement within the meta-narrative of Scripture.

So as passages or terms come to mind, usually because they’ve come across my radar, I want to discuss them and write about them and give some examination. I won’t always be right but I just want to ask some honest questions that I think deserve a closer look.

First on tap: Galatians 5:1 and freedom that’s not really free. Stay tuned!

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